Welcome To Jorge Molder’s Personal Blog

Hi, my name is Jorge Molder and I would like to officially welcome you to my personal blog. Here I’ll be commenting on any and every topic I find interesting, from Health, to Tech, to Sports, to whatever, I intend to bring you the best around the net and give my own personal opinion on the topic.

I was born in Rio De Janeiro in 1970 and I moved to the United States in 1976 with my parents, who were doctors and found great jobs in New York City. There I lived for almost 10 years, learning volumes regarding people and the interesting things they do. I learned much about other cultures different than my own and how people interact with each other.

Living in New York City gave me a great perspective to see how others live their lives and how I can better my own. I learned a ton on subjects like health, exercise and more.

So come with me and let’s explore the world!